Traveling Bird watching tours to India

Birds have always fascinated mankind. When it comes to birding, India has a lot in its kitty to showcase to its travelers. This is the reason as to why birding tours to India sell like hot cakes in the international as well as domestic travel circuit.
Most of the bird watching tours in India are pivoted around North region and usually start from New Delhi. The journey from here usually embarks towards Ranthambhore National Park. Though known for its fierce and ferocious Bengal Tigers, Ranthambhore is also a birding extravaganza for bird watchers. With over 272 species of birds to bask upon, a trip to this park is nothing less than treasure trove for animal as well as bird lovers.
Bharatpur National Park is also one of the best places for bird watching tours in India. This wetland is home to more than 336 species of birds along with thousands of migratory birds which flock here every year. Chambal is also popular for bird watching tours in India. Exploring Chambal river and its woodlands by boat also offer some of the most spectacular views to birders as Smooth-coated Otters, Gangetic River Dolphin, Indian Skimmer, 02 species of crocodile, 4 species of fresh water turtles and many varieties of birds surround the place.
Moving towards Jim Corbett National Park, again though a tiger reserve, it has a lot in hold for bird lovers. With a list of around 557 birds, it also boasts of having 18 globally threatened species making it a birder’s paradise. A short drive from Corbett is Pangoot which is a small village on the foothills of Himalayas and is close to the popular hill station of Nainital. It is also home to close to 500 species of birds set amidst a pristine landscape and amazingly beautiful panorama.
Some of the popular birds to look out for during your bird watching tours to India are: Sarus Crane, Koklass Pheasant, Nepal Wren-Babbler, Ibisbill, Wallcreeper, Long-billed Thrush, Little Forktail, Painted Sandgrouse, Black Bittern, Indian Skimmer, Chesnut-headed Tesia, White-throated Bushchat, Black-rumped Flameback, Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher, Purple Sunbird, Painted Spurfowl, Jungle Bush-quail, scarlet Minivet, Orange-headed Thrush and Stork-billed Kingfisher.

With more and more Bird watching tours in India and worldwide coming into forefront, there is no doubt about the growing craze of bird watching among people. Everyone wishes to catch and capture the best glimpse of the birds without thinking about the unease they cause to them. Sadly, with more and more birds coming to extinction day by day, it is necessary to frame some guidelines for ethical bird watching.

Bird watching is best enjoyed by not disturbing the natural habitat of the bird. It is advisable to respect the privacy of birds and not go too close to their dwelling place. It is also important to put the interests of the birds first because their welfare is of utmost importance. Avoid going too close to the birds else you will make them fly. Playing recordings of bird voices is not only disturbing but also irritating. Restrict yourself from such behavior as much as possible.