This Annapurna Trekking and Mustang

Mustang is one among the seventy-fifth districts of Nepal. The people who reside in this region practice the Tibetan traditions and its culture as the peoples here are influenced by the Tibetan.

Tourist to this area is restricted to a limited number so that they could preserve their culture and the tradition. And also due to the remoteness of the place the people residing at the place still uses ancient mode of communication that is horse and donkey, even to transport their goods from one place to another.

Mustang trekking is encompassed with wonderful landscape. Throughout the trekking, you can visualise formation of massive red rocks. Due to the cool and the sandy wind which blows over the region during the day time, the flights departs before 12 pm.

Annapurna trekking has been recognised widely as one of the natural paradises. It is a series of the peaks that is found in the Nepal Himalayas. The mountain is located on the eastern coast of the great gorge cut which is through the Himalaya by the river of kali and Gandaki. The mountain has beautiful snow peaks and glaciers on its western and north-western slopes.

There are three major routes trekking of Nepal one of them are Muktinath and Jomsom, Annapurna and Mustang, all of which are distributed by a road building project.
On a survey, it has been found that nearly around sixty-four percent of trekkers from all over the world visit Nepal through the Annapurna region. Pokhara town is the starting point of all the famous treks namely Mustang and Annapurna Mountain peaks. Nepal has an extra trekking edge and it also provides with an extra feature of beautiful scenery which comprises of mountain and lowland villages. Every year around sixty-four percent of the trekkers from all over the world visits Annapurna and Mustang.

The Annapurna and Mustang trekking is among the moderate type of trekking. It is also a combination of both the easy walking along with the majestic scenery. It includes a total path of around four kilometres to the Annapurna sanctuary. It is one among the most charming trek in entire Nepal. On the route to the mustang trek, the glacier dome and the Gangapurna is visible. The fact which makes this trek the most challenging and exciting one is its length, as it is the longest mountain trek in all over the world.