Private Roundtrips to Cuba For You

Group trips are great. You meet different peopleand there’s always someone to take a picture of you and your travel mate.

A private trip, on the other hand, offers even more benefits. Whether it’s an intimate trip with your significant other, your best buddies, a girlfriend trip, a fraternity reunion, or whatever group you, a private tour provides loads of advantages, which include:

* it’s personalized and customized to your unique desires.
* every site and location is a place everyone wants to see.
* the tour guide pays attention to your needs.
* the tour guide works around your schedule and pace.

Travel Cuba

Cuba is the perfect destination for a private trip. It’s rich in historyand lined with stunning beaches along the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. Other reasons with which to fall in love with Cuba include:

* Unbelievable Sunsets – there’s no other place in the world to see such yellows and oranges

* Music: Cuba is home to some of the best music in the world: Latin, salsa, rumba, and mamba. Just watch the Mambo Kings and you’ll get a sense.

* Food: Cuban food is absolutely delicious. From pork sandwiches with plantains to manis (roasted peanuts) to fresh lobster and tamales. Other areas may claim to cook Cuban food, but there’s only one place to get it.

* Weather: there’s nothing more magnificent than the Cuban sun. Even the Cuban rain, which can suddenly pour without warning, is a fascinating, spectacular display of nature. Clouds change from blue to grey and water flows downward. It’s simply amazing.

* Havana: vintage automobiles travel along streets lined with vibrantly colored buildings. Lively music fills the air, along with the scent of the sea and exotic spices. And, the people… They’re as warm as the sun and as energetic as the music. It’s a place that must be seen and experienced to fully understand.

Qué Bolaa”

The people of Cuba often say “Que Bolaa” to ask “what are you doing?” and “how are you going to have fun?” It means they are treating you as if you are a friend – as if you belong.

When former United States President Barack Obama visited Cuba, he greeted the natives with “Que Bolaa.” Such connected him to the Cuban citizens. Such was why Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel chose the expression to name their agency.To connect with visitors.

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel Agency

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel, a Cuban private travel agency, can arrange private roundtrips and excursions through Cuba.

Qué Bolaa Cuba Travel’s agents are trained, skilled professionals with a wide range of tourism experience. Their goal is to show visitors Cuba in a unique and different way. Its tours focus on all the tourists sites, as well as all the places only native Cubans know and love.